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Learn Professional Online Writing with The Unlearn Essay Writing Course

Take your online writer’s life to the next level with real skills that impress your clients, bring results, and earn your audience’s attention every single time.

Imagine yourself living the ultimate professional writer’s life.

You wake up to the sound of ocean waves breaking against a tropical island. The earthy smell of freshly brewed coffee is wafting into your bedroom. You know that your private chef, Maria, is baking crispy, buttery croissants for your breakfast.

You stretch and take a lovely morning stroll. Or go for a swim in the crystal-colored sea. Really, your time is all your own.

When you’re warmed up and energized, you open up your laptop, take a bite of your piping hot breakfast, and get to work.

Your friends want to know. “Are you REALLY a writer?” (I bet they think you do something shady on the side. 😅) “What type of writing funds this kind of lifestyle?”

Because the truth is, most people see writers as knocked-down journalists scrambling for the next in-house position while making peanuts to pay their rent. Or drunk novelists slaving away at 3AM writing stories nobody will read.

I’m here to tell you all that has changed.

There’s a brand-new type of content writing market that experts predict will be worth $400 billion by next year.

And it’s not hard-knocks journalist writing. Nor is it novelists with constant looming book deadlines.

What kind of writing will have big businesses chasing you and clients blowing up your phone to get a second of your time? (They won’t pay you peanuts, either. In fact, the average small to midsize business spends $2,000-$10,000 a month for this kind of content.)

It’s web writing—aka, content writing.

And in my new course Unlearn Essay Writing, I’ll teach you how to write this kind of content and all eleven core formats (social media posts, web pages, product descriptions, meta content, blogs, headlines, emails, case studies, ebooks, lead magnets, whitepapers, and video scripts), after first helping you kick all those bad habits stopping you from success.

Does Professional Online Web Writing Really Pay Well?

By now, there are a kazillion protests zipping through your mind. “I tried web writing for a content mill, and they paid me peanuts.”

Let’s bust the myths. (Yes, the private chef Maria is a myth. 😅)

 “I worked for an academic essay writing platform and got $30 for 15 pages and 10 days of exhausting labor.”

“This is a lie. Web writing does not pay.”

But here’s where the disclaimer comes in.

Web writing does pay.

But only if you follow a specific formula that works. (This formula is pretty precise, but The Unlearn Essay Writing Course will teach you exactly how to nail it.)

Before that, we need to start with a clean slate.

 Get Rid of the #1 Bad Habit Keeping You from Exploding Your Writer’s Life

 Ok, first things first.

Before you can learn how to write the kind of stuff your dream biz will beg you to create for them…

…you first need to “unlearn” the #1 bad habit that’s making it IMPOSSIBLE.

“What bad habit?” you might ask. “I was a rockstar essay writer in college. I got straight A’s in my creative writing class.”

My answer?

That’s exactly what you need to unlearn.

The essay writing habit.

You see, essay writing is designed for one thing: to get you an A from your professor. And sure, maybe your grandma loved your wordy, paragraph-heavy history of the French Revolution (because she loves you, not because she actually read it 😉).

But the thing is: no one else will.

And if no one reads what you write, why the heck would anyone hire you to write it? (Unless it’s the content mill that pays $5 for 1,000 words of fluff.)

So before you dive into how to write great content that converts, wins you more gigs than you can handle, blows your boss through the roof, and gives you the chance to choose your clients (because you get so many, you have to turn most of them away)…

…you first have to clean your slate and rid yourself of the essay writing habit.

Seriously. Get amnesia and remember everything else except it. Throw it into your “never ever touch” trash bin. Cremate it to cinders. (I can’t stress this enough! 😄)

If you’re not sure you can do this on your own, The Unlearn Essay Writing Course is for you.

julia mccoy

If we haven’t met yet, hi!👋 I’m Julia McCoy.

I’m here to show you why clients will pay for the kind of writing I teach in The Unlearn Essay Writing Course.

To do that, we have to go waaaaay back.

Back to the beginning in 2011, when I was a clueless college dropout.

Back then, I had nothing but:

$75, and a dream to build a life doing what I love!

What I did with my small investment and huge dream was to teach myself how to write for the web. It wasn’t an easy path…

…but fast forward to today, I’ve grown my content agency Express Writers from a teeny tiny startup to a thriving seven-figure business.


The simple answer: amazing content.

Amazing content has the power to:

Erin’s Story: A Personal Writer From My Agency that Unlearned Essay Writing… and Got Paid to Write

I could share thousands of stories like this from nine years running a full-time writing agency. But let’s take one example. This is one of my new hires at Express Writers, Erin.

Erin's StoryI recently hired Erin to train as one of my own writers — the writers that help me shape our brand content.

She’s a history graduate with a long-standing passion for writing, a deep researcher, and identifies as a creative.

Erin has loved writing, like me, since the age of 12. That means she has a natural passion for it. And natural passion is a great place to build tangible skills from.

Erin went to college, graduated and ended up in the field of Creative Communications. After she passed our interview process and writing tests, I gave her a first assignment.

The topic was on UX writing.

She finished writing, and uploaded it for me to read.

When I opened the Word file, I read this:

“UX has become an extremely relevant topic in recent years, but it is a field that is still somewhat obscure and unknown as it is still early in its growth. Nonetheless, it is clear that this field is quickly becoming an important area of focus for business, and so there is a lot of potential in this industry.”

The problem? This wasn’t publish-ready content.

And the culprit:

The essay writing habit.

Just like dozens of writers before her, I knew I’d have to guide Erin to first unlearn stuffy college AP habits and then soak in the right writing style, the kind our clients paid for And I did. It took several rounds to go from the stuffy sentences to shorter, more impactful phrases. 

Two assignments later I was reading this

Think of your business as a restaurant. You are the chef, and your role is to produce great food (content) that they will love. …Now that you have the four-step recipe for getting past your inner critic to content that matters, you’re ready to publish great material.”

Much better! With a few more edits and adjustments from my end as we continue to work together, she’s almost there. Erin is now on our agency payroll, earning real income every two weeks for her writing skills.

Going from stuffy to savvy in content writing — from bland and boring to a banquet of rich, fun, engaging words — is not easy.

And it takes a mentor (more often than not) to know how to go about doing this. 

Note: I only do this training internally with my top writers. And it takes them to a place of consistent revenue, where they’re earning assignments on a daily basis. Today, I’m opening up this training to you! 🤩

In July, we completed a successful beta launch of The Unlearn Essay Writing Course with a little more than 40 students from all around the world. I tweaked the curriculum based on a few minor points they saw missing, and received happy testimonials not only from our students, but from their clients, who saw improvement in the skills they brought to the table. This writing course works! 🎉   

“As a published playwright and a veteran teacher of English for over 20 years, I consider myself a writer, but writing for social media and the internet really is a different animal. If you want to feel really confident about your social media content writing, then you want to take Julia’s Unlearn Essay Writing Course. It’s an incredible experience where you unlearn all your bad behavior and learn all the good behavior on how to do the correct type of writing for digital platforms.

Because this class is an online class, it takes you on a personal journey, you can go as fast as or as slow as you want and you can even repeat the lessons. Each module comes with its own downloadable workbook, again that you can print out and look at whenever you want, this is an incredible addition just to having the online classes.

The course gives you an approach that you can use for online writing that you can use over and over again, while still keeping your writing fresh and your personality front and center. Julia isn’t offering you a template, she’s offering you a system of thinking and communicating, this is paramount in today’s social media world, it gives you the newest tools and the freshest voices to follow. So, if you want to be a content writer, then this is the class for you. Don’t wait. Sign up today. You won’t be sorry.”

Sura Rosenberg

Content Creator, Two Heads Video Marketing

“I spent some time yesterday working through The Unlearn Essay Writing Course modules and, as always, super impressed with your thoroughness and I love the time built in to TAKE ACTION. I absolutely love the background music you chose too, it just makes the whole thing seem relaxing, inviting, and like I am working with a higher purpose! 💗”

Sarah Schaefer Christopher

Writer, Sarah S. Christopher

I’m really going slow with The Unlearn Essay Writing Course and taking my time so I can absorb as much as possible to improve my writing. I love it!

Nicole Kolesar

Founder, KPress Copywriting

“Many thanks for your Unlearn Essay Writing Course. I am not yet a writing hero, but with your tips, and lot of practice, I will be successful.”

Pascal Lanot

Content Creator

With Unlearn Essay Writing at your side, you’ll be able to confidently navigate the world of online writing.

Never guess again when it comes to writing the 11 top different content formats that clients pay you to create consistently.

Content Hacker™ training, created by Julia McCoy, is used and trusted by:
Avant Capital Strategies

The Unlearn Style: How The Unlearn Essay Writing Course Is Structured

online writing course


You can buy a ton of books on writing, bleed yourself dry on expensive professional writing courses, and completely exhaust yourself scouring the internet for content creation tips.

But if you can’t get rid of the essay writing style, you’re spinning your wheels and going in circles.

Think of it like this.

You want to play the guitar like a pro. But in the process of your DIY learning, you picked up a foundational bad habit. You hook your finger over the guitar’s neck and play with flat fingers.

Now, you can learn 10 billion strumming patterns and even invent new chords the pros never heard of. You can read all the guitar books written. You can practice for a million years.

But you will never be a pro guitar player. Why? Your music sounds awful.

To turn things around, you need to go back in time.

Unlearn the #1 bad habit that’s keeping you from your goal.

Start over.

This is exactly the system I developed for The Unlearn Essay Writing Course.

It works like this:

In Module One, I help you completely eradicate the essay writing habit from your system. I show you exactly what it looks like and give you step-by-step guidance so you never succumb to it again. Forever.

In Module Two, I replace the bad essay writing habit with real, tested skills from my nine plus years as a content creator.

By the time you graduate, you’ll be ready to take the world of web writing by storm.

This course caters to beginners and advanced students.

  • Workshop-style video lessons
  • Full workbooks with every lesson
  • Write your own 1,000-word piece
  • Bonus module with guides, formulas + more
  • Timed writing exercises with brain boost music
  • Mentorship & expert review from Julia

Your Advanced Professional Online Writing Course: Actionable Fundamentals Without the Fluff

In my experience training and teaching hundreds of writers for my agency Express Writers over the years, writers first must unlearn the style that doesn’t work, then soak in strategic writing skills through repetitive writing exercises, guided by a mentor.

Practice truly makes a perfect writer.

And that’s exactly what Unlearn Essay Writing: Your Professional Online Writing Course will do for you.

In video lessons that have you sitting down with me, workshop-style, I’ll take you through real writing exercises that you’ll do WITH me. My video lessons for this course recreate a live workshop environment, without having to show up anywhere or in anything other than your pjs. (Can you say #ZoomedOut? No live attendance required!)

Throughout each workshop, we’re pausing and giving you timed exercises where you stop and simply WRITE. ✍️ Nothing beats implementation after a round of learning!

And because working with an instructor truly can mean massive results, I’m offering a never-before-offered access to me in Level 2, Writing Heroes.

In this level, you work with me personally to review, critique, and send detailed edits on your 1,000w piece of content. I will work with you and tell you exactly how to revise your content until a client would pay you for it, or you’d be at a place where my agency could hire you.

Once you’re at that level, you receive expert certification that I personally sign off on and deliver to you.

This is a guarantee that I’ve never offered to the public before. Instead, I’ve only done this internally in my agency for my top writers (and it brings them to a place of consistently earning revenue on a weekly basis).

The reason I’m launching this course to the public is simple. My goal is to change my industry for the better. Time and time again, I see talent blocked because of the icky, sticky habit of essay writing. 🤢 I’d love to be able to hire more writers! (So would my agency’s editorial team.)

This course is the bridge for that gap. It’s a new method for online writing training: combining powerful unlearning + examples of bad and icky, so you learn to recognize and avoid the bad; then, advanced online writing training and knowledge that will seriously up your game.

Like my graduate student, Sura Rosenberg (a 20-year veteran English teacher!) said: “Julia isn’t offering you a template, she’s offering you a system of thinking and communicating.” Watch her full video testimonial:

What’s Inside: The Unlearn Essay Writing Course Curriculum

professional online writing course unlearn essay writing

The timeframe to go through the course is one week, but you can absolutely take more time or go through the course more than once to allow these powerful writing lessons time to sink in. 

Course Summary

Hands-on exercises, video lessons, and guided, intensive workshop-style tutorials. Cut the fluff and jump straight into unlearning bad habits + learning how to write for the leading 11 content formats. Two mega-thorough student workbooks accompany each module, along with additional short two-page resources you can easily print and re-use over and over again. Two levels (Writing Graduate, Writing Hero) to choose from give you access to a mentorship with Julia + guaranteed “client-ready” skills. 

In Module One, The Unlearn Section, you’ll learn:

How to dissect a piece of content (the exact checklists I use to label content either good or bad).

How to turn anything you write into a piece your boss or client will jump over the moon for.

The step-by-step process for cutting the fluff and gunk from your writing. (You get to watch over my shoulder as I show you how to do it.)

How to keep up with the ever-changing rules of online grammar (so you always know how to walk the fine line between uneducated and outdated).

The four steps to ruthless self-editing (turn your icky first draft into a concise, direct, perfectly and professionally polished piece).

101 sticky words to never use in your content.

When you press “complete” on Module One you’ll:

  • Never again write heavy, boring essay-style content.
  • Know what it takes to create content that’ll have your boss or client raving.
  • Have a fully ready, well-polished introduction for your 1,000-word piece.
In Module Two, Learn Powerful Online Writing Techniques, you’ll learn:

The ABCs and DEFs of stellar online content (a checklist you can use to be absolutely sure you’re hitting the mark with your content).

How to tell the difference between good and bad content across formats (Facebook ads, meta titles, meta descriptions, and blogs). Complete with examples and my take on what makes each one good or bad.

My secret sauce to never, ever getting stuck writing again (say good-bye to writer’s block forever).

The tools I use to boost my writing productivity 2x-4x.

How to take your content idea and turn it into a publish-ready blog. (Watch me do this step-by-step in a 1-hour workshop video!)

The three stages of content creation you must never skip.

How to create the 11 most popular forms of web content (social media posts, web pages, product descriptions, meta titles and meta descriptions, blogs, headlines, emails, case studies, ebooks, lead magnets, whitepapers, and video scripts).

How to amp up your writing with creative wording.

When you press “complete” on Module Two you’ll:

  • Know exactly how to write anything your boss or client wants (and blow them through the roof with your gut-punching content).
  • Never again lack confidence, unsure whether or not you’ll make your deadline.
  • Have a beautiful, well-polished, powerful 1,000-word piece of content.
    (If you choose the Writing Hero (Level 2) version, you’ll proceed to submit this piece to me for my personal feedback. Remember, I won’t go easy on you! I’ll help you further refine your piece until I’m 1000% sure your boss or client will love it.)
In Module Three for Writing Graduates, you’ll get:

The Final Steps: Finalize your 1000w article and complete the course with a memory-testing quiz.

Bonus #1: Julia’s Ultimate List of Writing Tools. A complete list of the tools I use to boost brain power, productivity, and creativity. These include apps, shortcuts, meditation tracks, and more! Plus, I show you how to structure your home office so you always feel fresh and inspired.

Bonus #2: 200+ Power Words and Phrases to Amp Up Your Writing. Sprinkle these powerhouses into your writing and immediately transform weak sentences into gut-punching prose. (Perfect for beginners who need a quick, easy way to muscle up their content.)

Bonus #3: The Unlearn Glossary for The Online Content Writer – 94 Terms Every Online Writer Should Know. Keep this resource open as you talk to clients or your boss, and never again feel like a green-behind-the-ears newbie.

Bonus #4: A Killer Copywriting Formula to Pay Attention to (For Structuring Strong Content). Assigned to write a “high-converting landing page” by your boss or client? No problem! Pull this resource out and simply “plug and play” – fill in the template with your own copy and you’re ready to impress them.

Bonus #5: Stay Current as a Content Expert With These Resources & Books. A comprehensive list of every blog I follow, every podcast I listen to, every show I watch, every YouTube channel I’ve subscribed to, and every book I recommend. Invest a little time each day to learn something new, and it WILL PAY OFF.

Bonus #6: Unlearn Essay Writing Course — Student-Only Partner Discount Codes. Special discounts on writing tools, apps, and content calendars. Save hundreds on these tools simply for being an Unlearn Essay Writing Course student.

Bonus #7: Pandemic-Friendly Advice for Writers – An Unlearn-Essay-Writing Only Special Interview with Field Expert Joel Klettke on Real-Life Copywriting Steps in a Pandemic.

Follow Joel as I interview him just for our UEW students on his inspiring journey from clueless Business graduate to profitable SaaS + B2B copywriter. Listen as he lays down the exact steps you can take to achieve his kind of success. The accompanying summary helps instill the powerful takeaway lessons top expert Joel teaches our student community.

Bonus #8: The Headline Junkie’s Swipe File — Robert Bly’s 8 Proven Formulas. Never again have to guess when creating the most difficult part of your content, the headline. Pull out one of these headline formulas, plug in your own words, and watch your clicks soar.

In Module Three for Writing Heroes, you’ll get:

All of the above (Module Three for Writing Graduates), PLUS:

Final Steps: Finalize your 1000w article in Google Docs and send it to Julia for review and indepth critique.

Work with Julia personally on your article until it passes review and would be be paid for by a client. Get indepth, real-time editing in your article from Julia for your entire article, plus a rationale from Julia on why and how the revisions help your writing soar to the next level. (This is worth over $500 by itself of individual coaching sessions, were you to pay the current rate to work with Julia McCoy.)

Earn Certification as an Unlearn Essay Writing Student and receive your badge and accreditation.

“Julia McCoy is one of the few people in the content/SEO industry that I look up to and respect.”

Brian Dean

Founder, Backlinko

“Julia McCoy is one of the best content marketers on the scene.”

Lindsey Anderson

Founder, Web Impakt & Trafficandleads.com

“I am a content creator. I produce video, visual, and written content across a number of social media platforms on a regular basis. Some of my content performs extremely well, while some barely gets noticed. It is NOT luck that helps content be discovered, rank high on Google, or bring traffic and profit. Julia’s courses also encouraged me to bring my personality and creativity into my writing. Thank you for being such a great teacher, Julia. I cannot wait to apply what I have learned from you into my work!”

Ai Addyson-Zhang

Ph.D, Professor Turned Entrepreneur, Classroom Without Walls

This is a focused writing course.

  • No other methodologies outside becoming an amazing writer.
  • A heavy focus on improving your writing habits and performance.
  • You’ll learn the fundamentals of professional online writing.
  • You’ll learn how to immediately spot and CUT the fluff.
  • You’ll learn how to craft content for any format.
  • You’ll UNLEARN icky, boring writing.

No matter what kind of writer’s life you dream of…

…whether it’s creating content for your dream biz…

…sitting by the ocean as you type away at your laptop for a select few clients you’ve chosen…

…or writing for a content agency you admire…

The Unlearn Essay Writing Course has got you covered.

Here’s what you’ll get: 

A top writer and editor’s eye. Yes—that’s right. You learn both in this course. Just like Hemingway said, the first draft of everything really IS crap (paraphrasing here). Both skills—high-level writing and top-notch self-editing—are the core secrets you need in order to craft winning online content. This course is designed to help you spot junk content from a mile away, so you never again create it, or scratch your head with no idea what you’re doing wrong. 

The exact formula for web content that works. You’ll learn exactly how to craft stellar web content from top to bottom, including specifics on the 11 super popular types your boss or client is looking for (social media posts, web pages, product descriptions, meta titles and meta descriptions, blogs, headlines, emails, case studies, ebooks, lead magnets, whitepapers, and video scripts).

A magician’s fingers for turning flat, boring essay writing into gut-punching web content. A step-by-step process for turning your highly ignored essay into a mouthwatering piece your online audience will adore (YES, even if it’s about the French Revolution 😎). 

Action-ready skills in a week’s time. This is not your average 12-month slow-drip course. Nor is it five 500+ page books packed with irrelevant get-rich stories and all sorts of fluff. You need only seven days to transform from stuffy, boring essay writer into in-demand, profitable web content writer.

Zero-fluff training style. Say good-bye to falling asleep as your trainer takes you through the yawn-inducing history of writing. This course has zero fluff and zero unneeded content. We hit the ground running from lesson one. 

When you choose the Writing Hero (Level 2) version of this course, you get to work with me personally to come up with a client-ready piece of content. When I know your content is ready (even if it takes 1,000 edits, which it won’t because you’re awesome 🤩), you get the Unlearn Essay Writing Course Certification. (Personally signed and delivered by me.) 

Your very own 1,000-word piece. This isn’t the kind of course you’ll end with nothing but a memorized list of jargon you’ll soon forget. When you graduate from either level, you’ll have a beautiful, polished 1,000-word piece of your own creation, ready to publish on your portfolio or send to your dream clients.

online writing course

FAQ for The Unlearn Essay Writing Course

When does the course reopen?

We closed for our first beta launch July 5, 2020. I’m happy to report it was successful! 😍  41 students declared The Unlearn Essay Writing Course an excellent training resource.

We’ll reopen September 7, Monday.

The suggested calendar we developed above represents the time involved, and gives you more than enough time to finish the course. Feel free to move the one- and two-hour segments to the days that work best. We suggest at least one “free” day during a course absorption week so your brain has a break.

I’ve invested countless hours of my time into production and creation. We have a proven curriculum successful with over 40 students during beta launch. This program is READY for use! 🎉  My goal is to equip you with all the skills you need to become a profitable online writer in one week — and not waste any of your time.

Unlearn Essay Writing isn’t your typical slow-drip BS with tons of hidden clauses and fine print. You can watch all the videos, download all the resources, and begin learning right away when we open.

Can you remind me of the guarantee?

professional writing course

We have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. That’s 4x the amount of time you need to complete the whole program.

Take a month to go over the course. Watch the videos and complete the Unlearn Essay Writing Prompts and Exercise. Send me your writing assignment and study my comments and customized guidelines. Apply your new skills to your writing.

If you enroll in Level 2, you’re guaranteeing yourself success. Level 2 gets you a POWERFUL become-an-expert-content-writer mentorship level with me that I’ve never offered before. I will review your content writing and WORK WITH YOU until you are ready to be hired. Boom!

I’m offering this to the public because IT’S TIME this knowledge was available to the public. It’s time for agencies, brands, publishers to have a wider talent pool to access. It’s time for creators to know EXACTLY how to recognize great vs. terrible online content. I’ve been doing this for nearly a decade — I hire, mentor, and train my own top writers on a weekly basis.

Complete the course in a week and take the next three weeks to test your new skills. If you don’t impress your boss or gain a ton of engagement from you audience, you’re entitled to a FULL REFUND of your investment, as long as you show me proof you’ve completed the course and all the exercises. (No quick overnight mentality or low-work-ethic tolerated here. You must write the full 1,000 word piece. You must put in the work. Work brings results!)

I know you’ll love this course. I built it to be worry-proof. You will learn everything you need to know about how to fundamentally write a great piece of content. In the course, you’re writing your own! After 30 days, you’re more likely to email me your success story than a refund request. That’s why we provide this guarantee. I’m 1000% positive you will LOVE it!

I’m new to this online writing thing. Is Unlearn Essay Writing going to be too advanced?

I’ll shoot straight with you. This isn’t the regurgitated, generic, corporate mumbo-jumbo stuff you learned in that overly-promoted course you never finished. And it’s not the yawn-inducing rulebook your professor gave you in college.

They call me The Content Hacker™ for a reason. The concepts you’ll perfect and profit from in Unlearn Essay Writing are used by the most advanced of online writers. Think Jon Morrow and eight-figure/year online earners. I’ve studied the best of the best in online content during my near-decade in this space, implemented, tried, and tested everything myself. Bottom-line, I’ve been able to grow all my brands completely through content. I know what works. I also know what doesn’t work.

My promise to you is that you don’t even have to know how to write when you start the course. You don’t need to know the rules surrounding gerunds, prepositions, and modifiers. You don’t need to be a champion of the five components of academic essay writing. You’re not aiming to be the next Henry James or Charles Dickens here. You’re learning how to write professional online content.

What’s surprising is if there’s anything you know about academic writing, the first portion of this course will teach you how to UNLEARN it. We’re starting from scratch here, whether you’re a total newbie or an author with 10 published literary fiction novels under your belt (because the writing techniques in literary fiction will NEVER gain you traction online).

You’ll love how simple Unlearn Essay Writing is. All the lessons are 1000% digestible, fluff-free, and to-the-point. They translate into real-life skills you can start using right away. (Seriously.) You’ll get EVERYTHING – not just the how, the what, but every tool I use to boost my own creativity sometimes by 30%. I show you how to implement everything that will make you a great online writer. Plus, I’ve prepared a ton of templates and resources you can use for real hands-on learning.

With Unlearn Essay Writing, you get to start where you are. In only a week, you’ll be executing advanced online writing strategies with the confidence of the pros who pull in six figures (or more!) per year.

I own a ton of courses I haven’t finished. How can I be sure this one won’t end up like the others?

Unlearn Essay Writing is deep and comprehensive, with the added bonus that you can fly through it in a week. You can bet on it! And both of these features what’s great about it.

It’s not some vague starter program that promises you the world but only teaches you the “foundation” of a skill. Trust me, there are gateway programs out there that lay out the basics of a skill, then encourage you to buy the “masters program” once you’ve graduated. Don’t buy them.

If Unlearn Essay Writing is a fitness program, think of it like this. I’m skipping the boring-as-hell anatomy of the human body discussion and going straight to how you can lose 30 pounds.

In lesson #1, instead of letting you memorize the different muscles in the human body, I’ll give you 10 secret workouts that trim the flab off your love handle. That’s how I teach. Condensed, hit-the-ground running, actionable lessons every single time.

So yes, you will finish this course. And the amazing part is, you only need ONE WEEK to go from writing stuffy, drop-dead-tedious prose to creating magnetizing, aha-moment-inducing, colorful content your audience will adore.

How long do I get to keep my course seat for?

How great does lifetime access sound?

I don’t care if you’re a beta student who bought the course at 50% off. Once you enroll, you have permanent access to the program, cheat sheets, resources, templates, and PDF files. Plus, when I re-open Unlearn Essay Writing at twice the price, you’ll have access to the new and improved version and all future updates. Sound like a good deal?

Can’t I learn the skills taught in this course by reading free online content?

Yes, there’s a ton of free material online. (I DIY’ed myself, at the beginning! Read my story here.)

But learning online for free is hit-and-miss at best. I learned this the hard way. You’ll have to sort through mountains of advice, both good and bad. You’ll have to make mistakes and learn from them. It’ll be a find-the-needle-in-a-haystack journey (sometimes you’ll find the needle and sometimes you won’t).

Plus, it’ll take years for you to transform from total beginner to savvy, seasoned pro (I know because it took me seven long years!).

Unlearn Online Writing is your SHORTCUT to becoming a profitable, in-demand online writer. In this course, I condense my seven years of learning into one short week. I give you the exact blueprint of the type of writing that generated $5 million in sales for my content agency, Express Writers.

And I won’t go easy on you. At Express Writers, I hire only the top 2% of the thousands of people who interview with me. I know what real online writing skills look like, and you will too when you graduate from this course.

Can you remind me of everything I’ll get in Unlearn Essay Writing?
  •   The Unlearn Essay Writing course, curriculum, all the in-depth video tutorials
  •   Access to a whole library of templates, resources, and guides
  •   The Unlearn Essay Writing Prompts and Exercise
  •   Lifetime access + all my updates
  •   Personalized mentorship and guaranteed client-ready skills from me (when you opt for Level 2 of the program)
What’s your terms and/or disclaimer?

For maximum results, think of this course and educational training content as you would think of enrolling under a rigorous mentor, instructor, university professor or mastermind program: undertake this training seriously and studiously, practice the skills taught, and you may see incredible results – none, however, are promised or guaranteed. We’ve made every effort to represent our products well and accurately, as well as their potential. However, we and our materials make no guarantee of results. It is up to the student to put in the effort to see those results. Where a testimonial mentions results of any kind, you should not expect the exact same results unless your business, offerings, and resources are exactly the same as the testimonial-giver.

With Unlearn Essay Writing at your side, you’ll be able to confidently navigate the world of online writing.

…Ready to make your dream content writer’s life come true?  

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